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Mast climbers can spare residents “scaffold shroud” during recladding work

Rob Munns, head of sales and business development at specialist BFT Mastclimbing said: “Nothing gets my heart strings more currently than driving past a residential building wrapped in scaffolding when it doesn’t need to be.

“The damage to the residents mental health and wellbeing on top of their current plight with the re-cladding crisis is unforgiveable when there is a viable alternative to scaffolding.”

Scaffold “shrouds” are unpopular with residents who have already suffered enough in their battles to get potentially dangerous cladding removed from buildings.

One resident of an east London tower said: “Your home is literally wrapped in plastic.

“You can’t see out, there’s no airflow, no daylight and you don’t realise what an insidious thing it is over time. Gradually it wears you down and you find yourself really depressed or snapping at people.”

Mast climbers for vertical access with a smaller amount of scaffolding for public protection is the preferred method of specialist cladding contractor d+b facades.

Business development director Cliff Woodhead said: “I can see significant growth in the mast climbing sector because of the necessary work for fire safety. With a tendency to build high, limited space and access surrounding these plots,  it’s the only logical answer.

“There’s two reasons why scaffolding isn’t the best option. The first is the lack of privacy,  workers will be walking past your living room every few minutes. On top of that is the security risk  scaffolding can bring. Anyone can climb it and potentially enter your property.”