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Mace workers get free haircuts and mental health chats

The initiative saw the team from The Lions Barbers Collective visit the 50 Finsbury Square site in Moorgate where Mace is main contractor for Great Portland Estates on the revamp of the former Bloomberg building.

Project director Sal Capotosto organised the event which saw more than 60 site staff sit down in the barber’s chair for a haircut and a chat.

Capotosto said: “The trained barbers offered haircuts to the project personnel and also created a safe space for mental health conversations, which the barbers have a level of training for in terms of recognising challenges and opening the conversation.

“It was a great success and to my knowledge something that hasn’t been done in construction before.”

The Lions Barbers Collective charity is founded and chaired by Tom Chapman offering “haircuts and headspace” with all its staff trained in mental health support.

The event was sponsored by Mace and Great Portland Estates and the contractor is now looking to roll-out the initiative across other sites.

Capotosto said: “I am looking to become a Construction Ambassador for the charity so this can benefit Mace and other companies in the industry.”

Project Director Sal Capotosto gets a haircut from charity founder Tom Chapman