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Government launches net zero review

The fast-track review is being launched today, a year after the Government launched its net zero 2050 target.

Skidmore’s review will scrutinise the green transition to make sure investment boosts growth and jobs while increasing energy security and affordability for consumers and businesses.

His review would look at how to incentivise businesses to take up the green industrial revolution and increase growth.

The review will examine:

  • what the most pro-business, pro-growth and economically efficient path to reaching net zero is
  • how to maximise the economic opportunities that the target presents as well as increase innovation, investment, exports and jobs
  • what the economic costs and benefits are associated with new and emerging policies and technologies

Skidmore said: “This review seeks to ‘double down’ on how we can ensure that our energy transition happens at the same time as maximising the economic opportunity for businesses and households across the country, providing huge opportunities for innovation, investment, exports and jobs.

“I want to ensure that net zero isn’t just viewed as the right thing to do for our environment- but becomes an essential driver of economic growth.

“I’m kicking off a 3-month review today to find the best ways of making this happen – speaking to as many people in as many sectors and regions as possible, to ensure the review generates fresh policy ideas that can ensure we deliver a ‘big bang’ moment for net zero.”

The review was commissioned by Business and Energy Jacob Rees Mogg who Skidmore will report to at the end of this year.

His recommendations will be aimed at helping to turbocharge the transition to net zero by identifying key economic opportunities.

Mogg said: “The government remains committed to reaching our net zero emissions targets, but with Russia weaponising energy across Europe we must make sure we do so in a way that increases energy security and does not place undue burdens on businesses or consumers.”