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Fast-track 138-project growth plan – full list

Around 86 road projects feature among the 138 major infrastructure projects that the Government aims to fast-track to get Britain back on the road to recovery.

He pledged “as fast as possible” to accelerate the vast pipeline of projects
aiming to get the vast majority starting construction by the end of 2023.

Although the Chancellor also warned that inclusion in the list did not guarantee funding, planning consent or approval at this stage.



1. M27 Junction 8

2. A417 Air Balloon

3. M54-M6 Link Road

4. A164/Jock’s Lodge Junction Improvement Scheme

5. Tyne Bridge and Central Motorway A167 (M)

6. A1237 York Outer Ring Road Dualling Phase 1

7. A140 Long Stratton Bypass

8. A34 MRN Cheadle – Handforth Improvement Plan Phase 1

9. A350 Chippenham Bypass Improvements – Phase 4 & 5

10. A382 Drumbridges to Newton Abbot

11. A4123 Birchley Island

12. A500 Dualling

13. A511 Growth Corridor

14. A59 Kex Gill

15. A595 Grizebeck Bypass

16. A614/A6097 Corridor Scheme

17. North Hykeham Relief Road

18. A38 Bromsgrove Route Enhancement Programme 36

19. A3102 Swindon Safer Road Scheme

20. A186 Tyne and Wear Safer Road Scheme

21. A35 Weymouth Safer Road Scheme

22. A165 Scarborough Safer Road Scheme

23. A13 London Safer Road Scheme

24. A3056 Isle of Wight Safer Road Scheme

25. A5038 Liverpool Safer Road Scheme

26. A2010 Brighton Safer Road Scheme

27. A625 Derbyshire Safer Road Scheme

28. A35 Devon Safer Road Scheme

29. A6022 Ipswich South Yorkshire Safer Road Scheme

30. A586 Blackpool Safer Road Scheme

31. A1156 Ipswich Safer Road Scheme

32. A6042 Manchester Safer Road Scheme

33. A5183 Elstree Safer Road Scheme

34. A4030 Smethwick Safer Road Scheme

35. A25 Surrey Safer Road Scheme

36. A6130 Nottingham Safer Road Scheme

37. A4158 Oxford Safer Road Scheme

38. A104 Epping Safer Road Scheme

39. A113 Brentwood Safer Road Scheme

40. A19 Selby Safer Road Scheme

41. A2047 Portsmouth Safer Road Scheme

42. A23 Croydon Safer Road Scheme

43. A3025 Southampton Safer Road Scheme

44. A361 Devon Safer Road Scheme

45. A38 Devon Safer Road Scheme

46. A609 Nottingham Safer Road Scheme

47. A420 Oxford Safer Road Scheme

48. A579 Bolton Safer Road Scheme

49. A676 Bolton Safer Road Scheme

50. A4165 Oxford Safer Road Scheme

51. A432 Bristol Safer Road Scheme

52. A5105 Morecambe Safer Road Scheme

53. A6 Preston Safer Road Scheme

54. A41 Birkenhead Safer Road Scheme

55. A439 Stratford Safer Road Scheme

56. A60 Leicestershire Safer Road Scheme

57. A5191 Shrewsbury Safer Road Scheme

58. A6200 Nottingham Safer Road Scheme

59. A52 East Midlands Safer Road Scheme

60. A6 Safer Road Scheme

61. A583 Manchester Safer Road Scheme

62. A690 County Durham Safer Road Scheme

63. A57 Liverpool Safer Road Scheme

64. M25 Junction 10 65. M25 Junction 28

66. A66 – Northern Transpennine

67. A303 Stonehenge

68. A428 Black Cat

69. A358 Taunton to Southfields

70. A1 dualling – Morpeth to Ellingham

71. A4174 MOD Roundabout Improvements

72. A22 Corridor Package (East Sussex)

73. A259 (King’s Road) Seafront, Highway Structures (‘Arches’) Renewal Programme

74. A374/A386/A364 Plymouth MRN Phase 1

75. A38 North Somerset (formerly Bristol Airport Access)

76. A4174 Ring Road Junction Improvements

77. A426/A4071 Avon Mill/Hunters Lane Improvements

78. A509 Isham Bypass

79. A582 South Ribble Western Distributor Upgrade

80. A595 Bothel Strategic Improvements

81. A650 Tong Street

82. A689 Corridor Improvements – Wynyard and Hartlepool

83. Brent Cross Highway Structures – Asset Renewal

84. Dawson’s Corner Junction and Stanningley Bypass

85. Gallows Corner Roundabout Improvements

86. Norwich Western Link


87. Cambridge South Station

88. Northumberland Line

89. White Rose Station

90. Thorpe Park

91. Transpennine Route Upgrade

92. East West Rail

93. Leeds Station Enhancement

94. Manchester Improvements

95. Midland Main Line Phase 3

96. Northern Powerhouse Rail


97. Local EV Infrastructure Fund

98. Rapid Charging Fund

Local Transport

99. LCR: Independently Powered Electric Multiple – Unit (IPEMU) – Network Expansion

100. WMCA: Wednesbury to Brierley Hill Metro Extension

101. WMCA: Sprint Phase 2 (A34 and A45)

102. LCR: Green Bus Routes

103. GMCA: Initial phased delivery of Rochdale-Oldham-Ashton Corridor

104. West Yorkshire Mass Transit

105. TVCA: Middlesbrough Station

106. TVCA: Darlington Station

107. WECA: M32 Sustainable Transport Corridor and Hub

108. WYCA: Leeds City Centre Cycle Improvements

109. WMCA: East Birmingham to Solihull Corridor

110. WMCA: Walk, Cycle and Bus Access: Darlaston and Willenhall Train Stations

111. WMCA: Aldridge Station

112. WECA: Bristol to Bath Sustainable Transport Corridor

113. WMCA: Bus Priority Cross-City Routes 114. SYMCA: Supertram renewal



115. Hinkley Point C

116. Sizewell C


117. Hynet Hydrogen Pipeline

118. INOVYN Hydrogen Storage (Hynet Cluster, NW)

119. East Coast Cluster Hydrogen Pipeline

120. Aldbrough Hydrogen Storage (East Coast Cluster, Humber)

121. Hydrogen Electrolyser Capacity Deployment

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCUS)

122. Hynet Cluster – CCUS cluster in the North West

123. East Coast Cluster – CCUS cluster in Teesside and Humber

Oil and Gas

124. Murlach Oil Field Development

125. Cambo Phase 1 Field Development

126. Talbot Field Development

127. Affleck Redevelopment

128. Victory Field Development

Offshore Wind

129. Remaining Round 3 Projects

130. Round 4 Projects

131. Extension Projects

132. Scotwind Projects

133. INTOG Projects

134. Floating Wind Commercialisation Projects

135. Celtic Sea Projects

Local Growth

136. Freeports

137. Levelling Up Home Building Fund


138.Project Gigabit