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Average self employed labour rates top £1,000 a week

According to construction payroll company Hudson Contract a 1% rise in December edged average self employed pay over the threshold.

Managing director Ian Anfield said: “At last we can say Britain’s subbies are paid more than a bag of sand!”

Subcontractors in equipment and operator hire, general construction, joinery and surfacing all enjoyed all-time high earnings last month.

Hudson Contract found the average pay packet in its £2 billion payroll was £945 per week during 2022, an increase of 4.5% against 2021.

Anfield said: “During the last calendar year, our clients have been telling us that tender opportunities are slowing down but they have full order books, which they are struggling to fulfil.

“With Brexit, we have consistently said the impact would be felt gradually over time and we are seeing the supply of skilled tradespeople from Europe withering on the vine.

“Europeans would always come here to work and then go home again but now nobody is replacing them. The routes for working visas are not practical for most construction companies and smaller businesses.

“These are the forces driving up labour rates. They are creating plenty of opportunities for the self-employed to earn a handsome living as the most productive and flexible part of the labour market.”